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Grant Ships: An Evolutionary Grants Framework for the Arbitrum Ecosystem

TLDR: The Grant Ships platform allows multiple teams (aka Grant Ships) to do grant allocation under one DAO's umbrella. The sponsor DAO puts grant funds into one fund, then it is split among the multiple teams.

The Grant Ships platform allows each Grant Ship operator to accept applications and make allocations to selected recipients. Every transaction is recorded on chain and displayed in the application's feed.

At the end of a funding round, a TCR DAO vote is held. In the following round, relative funding levels for each Ship are proportional to the amount of votes received.

Key Features:

  • Anti-capture protection through revokable roles using Hats Protocol, allowing sponsor DAO to retain control over funds even while delegating authority to distribute funds.
  • Multi-step allocation process involving Operators and Game Facilitators, using Gitcoin's Allo protocol allocation strategy model under the hood.
  • No direct access to funds by any one actor within the game. All distributions are made through the game, according to rules, and recorded and published onchain in a transparent manner.

We appeared on Green Pill and explained the whole thing:

Green Pill Short

Green Pill Full Episode

The Grant Ships Concept

Grant Ships is more than just a funding mechanism; it's a strategic game that brings life to pluralistic, decentralized governance. By gamifying the process of grant distribution, it seeks to enhance participation, effectiveness, and inclusivity.

Roles in Grant Ships

Delegated Arbitrum Voters

Delegated voters play a pivotal role in shaping the Grant Ships program. They are responsible for electing Grant Ships, voting in allocation rounds, and ensuring the integrity of the ecosystem.

Game Facilitators

These crucial players oversee the distribution of funds to grant recipients, ensuring compliance with the rulebook and maintaining the overall health of the game.


Participants who receive funding through Grant Ships. They are responsible for delivering on their proposals and keeping the community updated on their progress.

Grant Ship Operators

Teams selected to operate a Grant Ship, responsible for stewarding funds, designing grant programs, and ensuring transparent and effective grant distribution.

The Game Mechanics

From the setup phase to the allocation of funds, Grant Ships operates as an engaging game. Participants undergo a process of proposal submission, community voting, and transparent fund allocation, all driven by DAO-powered collective decision-making.

Community and Decentralization

At the core of Grant Ships is the community. The decentralized nature of the game ensures that power and decision-making are distributed among its members, fostering a diverse and resilient ecosystem.

Advantages of Grant Ships

Participation in Grant Ships offers numerous benefits, including a democratic involvement in governance, increased transparency and trust, and the fostering of innovation and impact for the Arbitrum ecosystem.


Grant Ships stands for a transparent, participatory and decentralized grant allocation.

Released under the MIT License.