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Jokerace represents a groundbreaking approach to community-driven funding, seamlessly aligning with the Grant Ship model. This platform allows for direct, bottom-up governance, enabling community members to actively participate in the grant allocation process.

Jokerace's Integration with Grant Ships

Jokerace's on-chain governance model is an ideal fit for Grant Ships. Community members can propose and vote on grant initiatives directly on the platform, using the native token of Jokerace.

Community-Driven Allocation

In the Jokerace ecosystem, grant allocations are determined by the community rather than a centralized authority. This democratic approach resonates with the ethos of decentralized governance.

Features of Jokerace's Grant Ship

Transparent Voting

Every vote cast for grant proposals is transparent and verifiable on-chain, promoting fairness and openness in the allocation process.

Dynamic Fund Management

The Grant Ship model under Jokerace allows for real-time adjustment of fund allocations based on community votes, ensuring that resources are directed according to collective preferences.

Rewards and Incentives

Active participation in the grant allocation process is encouraged and rewarded with $JOKE tokens, fostering a more engaged and dynamic community.

Getting Started with Jokerace's Grant Ship

  1. Proposal Submission: Community members are free to submit grant proposals on the Jokerace platform.
  2. Community Voting: Proposals are then put to a vote, with members using their $JOKE tokens to express their preferences.
  3. Fund Allocation: Post-voting, funds are automatically distributed to the proposals that garner the most support.
  4. Progress Tracking: Funded projects can be monitored by the community, ensuring accountability and transparency in their development.


The integration of Jokerace with Grant Ships marks a significant step forward in the realm of community-driven funding. It democratizes the grant allocation process, ensuring that community support is the primary driver in funding decisions. This model not only empowers communities but also brings a new level of transparency and engagement to the funding process.

Released under the MIT License.