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How To Play As A Grant Ship Operator

If you or your team have been selected to operate a Grant Ship, congratulations!

Grant Ship Icon Grant Ship Operators

  • Providing an application that includes an allocation strategy, mission and grantee submission guidelines.
  • Reviewing/Approving project applicants
  • Reviewing/Approving initial milestone layout for approved projects
  • Distributing funds by approving submitted project milestones
  • Creating onchain attestations for important updates or announcements
  • Encourage Grant Recipients to disclose progress on work completed

How it Works

In the Grant Ships app, the Grant Ship Icon icon represents Grant Ship activity.

Your primary responsibility as a Grant Ship Operator is to be a good steward of the funds you are entrusted with.

You will need to determine your unique approach to grant giving and distribute the funds through the Grant Ships dashboard.

At the end of the funding round, you'll have an opportunity to report on your progress and the community will vote to determine if you will receive additional funding in the following funding round, or be slashed relative to other Grant Ships.

If your performance is too poor, you may be jettisoned and another crew will take over your position!

Get Involved

Apply to be a Grant Ship Operator


Grant Ship Screenshot 1

Grant Ship Operator Dashboard, showing project grants and completion status.

Grant Ship Screenshot 2

Grantee Dashboard, post project updates

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