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April 2024: Grant Ships Beta

We're hosting a 90,000 ARB Grant Ships beta funding round.

Operator applications are open until April 3rd at 3pm EDT.

Operators are Selected. See them here:

Applications are open for Gaming on Arbitrum projects!

Project Application Form

Round Overview

Round Title: “Gaming on Arbitrum”

  • Duration: 2 rounds, 6 weeks each
    • Round 1: 45K ARB
    • Round 2: 45K ARB
  • Number of Ships: 3


  • Operator Applications Open: 3/29 - 4/3 @ 3EST (6 days)
  • Operator Onboarding: 3/30 - 4/14 (12 days)
  • Round 1 Allocation: 4/22 - 6/2 (42 days)
  • Round 1 Voting Setup: 6/3 - 6/9 (7 days)
  • Round 1 Voting: 6/12 - 6/18 (7 days)
  • Round 2 Allocation: 6/19 - 7/15 (28 days)
  • Round 2 Voting: 7/16 - 7/29 (28 days)

Gaming in Arbitrum

The core objective of this round is to encourage innovation in gaming on the Arbitrum network. Grant recipients are tasked with completing a project within the following categories:

  • Developing a new feature for an existing game that introduces a unique game mechanic and incorporates on-chain actions, or
  • Creating a self-contained game with an engaging game loop and essential blockchain integration, or
  • Producing tooling, programs or other deliverables that have a tangible and measurable impact on the Arbitrum gaming ecosystem.

3 Ships, 2 Rounds

The beta will consist of 2 funding rounds. We'll have 3 ships making allocations, and performance will be assessed at the end of each round through a token curated vote.

For the first round, each ship will have 15,000 ARB allocated to them. 10% of that (1500 ARB) is paid directly to the ship operators as compensation. After round 1, an Arbitrum token vote will be held to determine funding levels for round 2. 10% of round 2 funding will be given directly to ship operators, and this amount will vary for each ship depending on the amount of the vote they receive.

Key Points for Operators

Choose projects and supply grants to promote:

  • Measurable Impact: Focus on fostering homegrown talent and catalyzing game development on Arbitrum in a way that can be observed and measured.
  • On-Arbitrum Gaming: Encourage the use and development of games on Arbitrum.
  • Community Engagement: Leverage the Arbitrum community's expertise, explore potential integrations with existing platforms and consider hosting events that spur creativity and engagement.


This is the Grant Ships beta test. In addition to producing great allocation decisions, we expect you to provide feedback both through our Discord channels and by using the Feedback Form to update the development team regularly.

Got What it Takes?

Applications are open!

Apply now!

Released under the MIT License.