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Gitcoin Grants Stack: Streamlining Grant Ship Funding Rounds

Gitcoin Grants Stack is a decentralized solution, enabling smart contract-based management of grants programs. It connects program managers, project owners, and community members, facilitating efficient participation in grants programs.

Components of Gitcoin Grants Stack


Purpose: Enable program managers to create and manage grant programs. Features:

  • Approve applications from Builder
  • Conduct Quadratic Funding rounds
  • Perform bulk payouts


Purpose: Help discover and support various programs and projects. Features:

  • Browse and support projects in Quadratic Funding rounds


Purpose: Allow project owners to create profiles and manage applications. Features:

  • Create and edit projects
  • Apply to grants rounds and view status

Setting Up a Funding Round in Grant Ships

Part 1: Create Your Program

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Create your program
  3. Name your program and add operators
  4. Save and sign

Part 2: Create A Round

  1. Name your round
  2. Define support channels and dates
  3. Set Quadratic Funding settings
  4. Add round description and requirements
  5. Define information requirements
  6. Launch and sign

Part 3: View Your Round

  • View on Explorer

Pros of Using Gitcoin Grants Stack for Ship Design

  • Time tested and trusted grant programs
  • Quadratic Voting helps mitigate single selection voting by incentiving voters to spread votes.

Cons of Using Gitcoin Grants Stack for Ship Design

  • Quadratic Voting is fantastic!, just might not fit your ships model.
  • Could be considered going "overboard" for micro grant models.

Released under the MIT License.