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Sample Tools for Grant Ship Operators

Welcome to the "Sample Tools" section. These are tools we've found useful for running decentralized governance operations.

Tools Overview


DAOhaus is a powerful platform for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). It offers features like proposal management and member voting. Operators can leverage DAOhaus to streamline decision-making processes.

Gitcoin Grants Stack

Gitcoin Grants Stack is a decentralized, smart contract-enabled solution for managing grants programs.

While the Gitcoin Grant Stack is a relatively new product, Gitcoin Grants is a trusted source of grants tooling and services. Fun fact: Grant Ships was built on the Gitcoin Allo Protocol.


Jokerace offers a way to do TCR voting, which may come in handy if you want to run a contest or poll a community on a particular topic. Jokerace enables community members to make create and vote on any type of signal proposal.

Awesome DAO Tools Repository

For a more comprehensive list of tools available to DAOs, please check out this repo maintained by Boilerrat of the DAO Masons.

Choosing the Right Tools

We encourage you to explore and experiment with these tools to determine what best aligns with your ship's operations and goals. The diversity in tool usage among ships is a valuable aspect of the Grant Ships ecosystem, fostering innovation and adaptation.


Your feedback is crucial! If you have suggestions for other tools that could be beneficial to the Grant Ships community, or if you have experiences to share about the tools listed, please let us know!

Released under the MIT License.