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Join the Grant Ship Community

Grant Ships offers a unique opportunity that enables players to assume the role of Ship Operators, forming grant-giving sub-DAOs and engaging in competitive and collaborative fund distribution.

Get Started as a Ship Operator To participate, please visit the Grant Ships app and complete the registration form. This will initiate your journey as a Ship Operator, allowing you to contribute to and influence the evolving landscape of decentralized grant distribution.

Joining the "Grant Ship" community provides an opportunity to be at the forefront of innovative DAO governance and fund allocation strategies. We welcome your participation and look forward to your contributions.

A 2 Step Process

Note that the application process is 2 steps! The first step creates your Allo profile (we use Allo under the hood) but your application is not complete until you complete the 2nd step, which brings your application to the Game Facilitators for review.

Step 1

Step 2

Released under the MIT License.