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How To Play As Delegated Arbitrum Voter

As an Arbitrum Delegated Voter, your vote shapes the Grant Ships program.

Delegated Arbitrum Voters:

  • Vote to elect Grant Ships in the setup phase (Ships are selected by game administrators for the beta round)
  • Vote in Grant Ship allocation rounds
  • Vote to revoke roles (hats protocol) from teams that are not acting in the best interest of the DAO. For example, if Game Facilitators are abusing power or not acting by their mandate, the DAO can revoke their role and elect new Game Facilitators.

How it works

After each funding round, Voters have an opportunity to vote on their favorite Grant Ships.

Ships that receive more votes are trusted with more funds in future rounds.

Ships that don't meet a certain voting threshold may have their crew jettisoned! If that happens, new crews will be chosen (using ARB voting) to man the Grant Ship.

Voters also have the ability to revoke permissions from Grant Ships and Game Facilitators outright.

In this way the Arbitrum DAO community shapes the Grant Ships program, determining who is given more resources, and who should be replaced.

Coming Soon

During the Beta Round, voters have an important role to play between rounds 1 and 2.

Released under the MIT License.