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How To Play As A Project Manager

Project Manager bring Projects that are (hopefully)selected and funded by Grant Ships.

Grant Ship Icon Project Managers

  • Responsible for describing their goals in a project application
  • Responsible for delivering on promises made in the application
  • Responsible for sharing progress in a way that Grant Ships and DAO Members can understand

How it Works

In the Grant Ships app, the Grant Ship Icon icon represents Project activity.

The Grant Ships dashboard will supply you with the information you need to contact the funding Grant Ship and begin the application process.

If a Grant Ship decides to fund your Project, you can expect to receive your funds after Game Facilitators have reviewed and approved the request and you've completed and submitted a milestone.

From then on, your relationship is with the Grant Ship crew and the Arbitrum DAO community. If you do well, it reflects well on your sponsoring Grant Ship. Expect your Grant Ship to be invested in your success.

Get Involved

Apply for Project Funding

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