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Attesting to the Grant Ships Compliance Policy

1. Download the Grant Ships Compliance Policy from the DAO Masons Github

2. Go to the Ethereum Attestation Service 'Sign a Document' Schema

3. Connect Wallet to Arbitrum One

4. Click the "Attest with Schema" Button

5. Fill out the fields as follows:

  • Enter your ethereum address in "Recipient" Box

  • Type "I agree with the Grant Ships Compliance Policy" - in the note field.

  • Drag and Drop the document you downloaded from github into the box provided. This will create a Hash of the document and populates the field in the form for you.

    Note: Do not alter the file or the attestation check will fail.

6. Click the "Onchain" button

7. Click "Make Attestation"

8. Confirm the transaction with your wallet

You can optionally check the attestation by downloading the compliance policy, opening up the attestation you made and dragging and dropping a copy of the policy in.

If they match up a screen like this appears:

If the files don't match up the screen will look like this:

Congrats! You've successfully attested onchain to the Grant Ships Compliance Policy!

Released under the MIT License.