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DAOhaus: A Tool for Grant Ship Governance

DAOhaus serves as the primary user interface for the moloch DAO contracts, a cornerstone in the realm of grant communities. This platform has a storied history, beginning with its adoption by Meta Cartel, which revolutionized grant funding through membership fee redistribution.

DAOhaus in Context

The governance of Meta Cartel, after migrating to v2 of the moloch contracts, is now managed through the DAOhaus UI. This method combines on-chain decision-making with essential off-chain governance, typically conducted via platforms like Discord or Discourse.

This model has gained popularity due to its effectiveness in grant allocation. However, in the context of Grant Ships, where direct funding is managed through a separate interface, DAOhaus's role pivots to facilitating other governance aspects.

Application in Grant Ships

The use of DAOhaus in Grant Ships could unfold as follows:

  1. A grantee submits a detailed proposal on the ship's forum.
  2. DAO members review the proposal and discuss it off-chain.
  3. A decision is made on whether to move the proposal on-chain.
  4. If approved, a Grant Ship member sponsors the proposal.
  5. The proposal goes to a vote.
  6. If successful, a funding request is presented against the allocation pool.
  7. Upon approval, funds are distributed accordingly.

Pros of Using DAOhaus for Ship Design

  • Enhanced Governance: DAOhaus facilitates a structured, democratic decision-making process.
  • Community Engagement: Encourages active participation and discussion among ship members.
  • Transparency: On-chain voting ensures a transparent and accountable governance mechanism.
  • Flexibility: Integrates both on-chain and off-chain elements, allowing for a hybrid governance model.

Cons of Using DAOhaus for Ship Designs

  • Complexity: May present a learning curve for members unfamiliar with DAO or blockchain governance.
  • Limited Direct Funding Control: As funding is handled externally, DAOhaus's role in financial decisions is restricted.
  • Dependence on Off-Chain Platforms: Relies on external communication tools for off-chain governance, which could fragment the decision-making process.
  • Sponsorship Dependency: Proposals require sponsorship from a ship member, which could create bottlenecks.

DAOhaus presents a unique and powerful tool for Grant Ship governance, blending traditional and innovative governance models. Its effectiveness, however, will largely depend on the specific dynamics and needs of each Grant Ship.

Released under the MIT License.